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Free Adobe fonts

Quick tip: you can get hold of some of Adobe’s very nice professional fonts for free when you download the InDesign CS4 trial (and possibly other CS4 apps too).

These include:

  • Caslon Pro
  • Chaparral Pro
  • Garamond Pro
  • Minion Pro
  • Myriad Pro

If you don’t want to actually install InDesign, you can get to the fonts like so (if you’re a Mac user):

  • Mount (double-click) the downloaded disk image
  • Mount another disk image found on the newly mounted disk, at Adobe InDesign CS4/payloads/AdobeFontsAll/AdobeFontsAll.dmg
  • The fonts are inside /Assets/contents on this second disk

Note that these fonts may well be covered by a very restrictive licence: I haven’t checked.


Written by George

May 28th, 2009 at 1:17 pm

Posted in Mac,Web design